The Inventive And Accurate Thought Processes Of Whitney Wolfe Herd

Whitney Wolfe Herd has admitted being labeled as a feminist did not appeal to her in the past. The explosive way she left Tinder changed her mind. She decided being called a feminist was not an insult but an acknowledgement of who she was. Whitney Wolfe Herd is a woman who refuses to allow men to silence her. She has an exceptional drive towards success. She also possesses the desire to make the journey using her own merits. Once she parted from Tinder she was determined to place women in control in the online dating world.

This was what led to the Bumble app, a feminist app. The app allows either women or men to indicate an interest. The women have the power because they are the ones able to initiate a conversation. This has significantly reduced the amount of nude photographs and shady pick ups making online dating so difficult for straight women. There have been people who had doubts concerning what she was attempting. This has not affected her success. The executive team at Bumble is comprised almost entirely of women. The value of the business is estimated at over $1 billion. Whitney Wolfe Herd is trying to make online dating more responsive to the enjoyment, security and safety of women.

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When Whitney Wolfe Herd founded Bumble she considered everything from ghosting to unsolicited photos to shirtless selfies. She wanted to eliminate all three. She understands most women have experienced emotionally unhealthy relationships and bad dating experiences. She believes the main issue is the control is in the hands of the men. By ensuring the woman must make the first move she tipped the scale of power. Bumble has nearly no tolerance for any nastiness. One member was barred for referring to a member as a gold digging whore. Another for shaming women with a little extra weight. Bumble’s motto is bee nice.

The number one innovation of Bumble is the women become the hunters instead of the men. Instead of simply waiting around they go after what they want by making the first move. If the woman does not act within 24 hours the match vanishes. Whitney Wolfe Herd did a lot of reading regarding insecurity and rejection prior to creating Bumble. She learned when a person feels rejected or insecure they often become aggressive. Her solution was enabling the men to reach out but the women must initiate the conversation. This way when the woman responds the man feels flattered.