Barbara Stokes bringing a comfy living as we reconstruct our cities

Barbara Stokes bringing a comfy living as we reconstruct our cities

Barbara stokes in association with her team have done a profound job in the field of Disaster Relief Construction in the company she started and founded called Green Structure Homes of Alabama, LLC. Barbara pursued a degree in Biomedical Engineering as well as Physics from the Mercer University. She graduated from the institution in the year 2001. She also pursued Management & Manufacturing, Technical Communication, Thermodynamics as well as Structures & Properties of Materials. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

Before starting GSH, she has vast experience from Pisces Corporation as well as Boeing in the sector of pursuing and acquiring government contracts. She also leads the company in support of FEMA missions as well as those of the U.S. Government. Barbara Stokes is also an avid volunteer in community works and activities in Huntsville Community. She has three children.

Her company mainly deals with designing and constructing modular houses of various sizes. They aim to produce a temporary structure and design of the homes to satisfy the guidelines of the federal government pertaining accessibility of the area, the safety of the structures as well as the quality of the materials used in the construction of the houses. Considerations made in the houses should be comfy and unique with the inclusion of systems such as fire sprinklers or extinguishers. The homes should also be able to be assembled in a span of a few days.

GSH has its headquarters in Huntsville in Alabama being run by Barbara Stokes as its Chief Executive Officer and Scott Stokes, her husband, who is the Chief Operating Officer. The company hastily expanded its reach to a total of eight states to acquire a contract by FEMA to the tune of 28.5 million dollars.


The company takes its pride by having materials of high quality as well as unique construction techniques. The houses have actual kitchens as well as bathrooms as well as efficient optimal energy sources which assist the residents to recuperate from the disaster such as Hurricane Katrina as they rebuild their cities as well as communities. All of these considerations and factors are done with reasonable if not cheap expenditure. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.