Guilherme Paulus Net Worth of 1.1 Billion

In 2013, Guilherme Paulus became chairman of the board of directors at CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A., a company, he co-founded with his partner Carlos Vicente Cerchiari in 1972. Guilherme Paulus headed the company from 1974 to what it is today.

As one of the most influential and economic developers in Brazil today, Guilherme Paulus has positively affected many people’s lives on his journey to become a billionaire. In 2017 Money Magazine named Guilherme Paulus, Entrepreneur of the Year for a large number of jobs he has created over the course of his career and a large amount of money that he’s donated to various philanthropic organizations.

Today, CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. is the largest tourism firm in the country and among the top 10 on the global scale. The company now has over 209 different sales points throughout the world, including 23 states in Brazil alone and in five different international cities. The innovative and modern businessman begin investing heavily back in 2005 in both hotels and resorts, Which eventually led him to found the GJP group, also known as the GJP hotels and resorts. The 2014 World Cup was held in Brazil and two years later, so were the Summer Olympics. The GJP group was barely 10 years old at the time but was positioned perfectly to capitalize on the two big attractions coming to the country. The success that has been experienced by Mr. Paulus is due in large part to his ability to position himself and time his business adventures perfectly. Guilherme Paulus long and successful career culminated in 2013 when it was announced that he was a billionaire by Forbes magazine, with a net worth of 1.1 billion. The plans to take his CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A public in 2018

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Neurocore and the Power of the Mind

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers have aided many individuals and groups. They have even aided widely known American sports teams such as the Portland Trail Blazers. They’ve aided Kirk Cousins as well. Cousins is a quarterback who is acclaimed in the world of professional football. He had a big problem for a period of time. His outcomes on the field just weren’t as good as they’d been in the past. That’s the reason he made the decision to zero in on his mind and on training it. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Biofeedback is a concept that has a history of accommodating treatment management requests. People who have high blood pressure or hypertension may know a lot about how biofeedback operates. People who have chronic aches and pains may know a lot about the topic as well.

Dr. Tim Royer is a neuropsychologist who is part of Neurocore Brain Performance Centers. He firmly thinks that training the mind is going to be something that’s going to transform the sports performance realm in the future. He has a technique that helps promote the proper healing of the brain. Dr. Royer indicates that the strongest athletes out there aren’t just the ones who have powerful physiques. They’re also the ones who have powerful minds they can call their own. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.


The team members who work for Neurocore Brain Performance Centers strive to essentially fortify peoples’ minds. They’ve given their time to countless individuals who have all kinds of issues. They’re given a lot of attention to individuals who have depression, nervousness, migraine headaches and even ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). Neurocore Brain Performance Centers delves into all sorts of categories that can be useful to people. It delves into the universe of memory loss. It delves into the universe of sleep problems as well. If you have difficulties falling asleep at night, then insomnia may be an issue for you. Neurocore strives to come through for people who have ASD (autism spectrum disorder), excessive frustration and beyond. They’re always looking into new treatment and management paths that can make life a lot simpler for everyone.


GoBuySide Knows That Time Is Money

GoBuySide is a company that was founded by Arjun Kapur. In an interview, he said that he noticed that there was a lack of transparency in the hiring process in the finance industry, namely in the private equity and hedge fund industries. He thought that he could create a tech company that would solve this problem. Not only that, but he said that there was a lot of competition between companies when it came to finding quality talent. Follow GoBuyside on Instagram.

GoBuySide focuses on doing specialized research in order to find the best candidates in New York. When it comes to finance companies such as hedge funds, you need to make sure that you get an employee who is qualified for the position entirely. Otherwise, it can very well be that you will have less productivity and less revenue.

Many hedge fund operates are using general research firms in order to find candidates for positions that they want to fill. The problem with this is that they are going to miss out on a whole range of qualified candidates who would make better employees. Without going into detailed research in order to find better employees, what will likely happen is that the company will choose someone who may have some basic qualifications but will not be the one who will be the most productive. Someone compared it to choosing a general practitioner for an eye surgery. Some things just don’t mix.


In addition, you will get more expertise if you do your research well. That is what GoBuySide focuses on doing. They want to make sure that you are getting someone who has experience for the specific responsibilities and duties that you want him or her to fulfill. This will be what will bring the most productivity to your business.


As you know, time is money. Thus, GoBuySide focuses on giving you the time to focus on the things that make you money by doing the entire hiring process in New York for you. They have more access to resources as well so they will be able to have a bigger pool of candidates. Follow GoBuyside on

The Intelligent Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is an investor and the founder and senior editor of a great newsletter Profits Unlimited at Banyan hill publishing. He also manages True Momentum and Extreme Fortunes trading services. He was born and raised in India but relocated to the United States as a young man. He started his career in 1991, and since then he has over 25 years of experience in investments. His first job was at Banker’s Trust where he was an assistant portfolio manager. Through hard work, he rose through the ranks and was recruited to be the key manager at Kinetics Asset Management Hedge fund. After making such a remarkable record of accomplishment, Paul retired at the age of 42 and now aims at helping people discover and raise their stocks. Read this article at

Paul Mampilly in his Profits Unlimited newsletter had given a teaser pitch for his title ‘greatest medical breakthrough in history.’ It gave people a clue that it tends to capture the healthcare market, which is always there as people are always trying to live healthy lives. The company as he said was leading the precision medical revolution and according to his description, this company is Myriad Genetics in Utah.


It is a diagnostic and ‘personalized medicine company’ who make money by doing cancer checks and tests especially ‘hereditary cancer screening.’ Paul’s teaser boosted their stocks from $1.5 billion to $2.2 billion. Myriad has an advantage over their competitors since they have been there way before giving them a lot of data on cancer variants and mutations which they research. Paul Mampilly’s strategy may seem odd, but some facts prove that the pitch will help the company enter the unlimited profit pool. Visit the website to learn more.

Extreme fortune focuses on targeting 100% gains on every single trade the client makes in small-cap stocks that are disruptive. It gives all the subscribers investment advice, and most of them listen to him because he is an expert. Extreme fortune held their summit in February 2018, and it was a massive success. Paul Mampilly is one of a kind.

Expected In March 2018, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Will Be Succeeded By Octavio Lazari

For nine years, Luiz Carlos Trabuco has served as the president of the Bradesco Bank of Brazil, the second largest private bank in the country and Latin America. The bank recently announced that Luiz will move on to a different position and will be succeeded by Octavio Lazari.

Trabuco will remain in his position until at least March 12, 2018, and until the first ordinary general assembly takes place. Close sources to the company informed that although Lazari’s wide experience easily qualified him for the position, he was not the most liked in the lineup of candidates. Many believed the position would be given to Mauricio Minas, who runs the tech area of the business. Octavio Lazari currently serves as the Vice President of Bradesco and has been working for the bank since 1978, steadily climbing the corporate ladder taking on different positions for over 30 years.

Read more: Sem reformas, retomada pode ser ‘voo de galinha’, diz Luiz Carlos Trabuco

More about Luiz Carlos Trabuco

Luiz Carlos Trabuco has also had a long and successful history working for the Bradesco. He began as a bank clerk when he was only a teenager and counting to this day has been with the firm for over 40 years. Through his efforts, extensive knowledge, and experience, Trabuco has been an incredible leader. Making countless successful decisions and guiding the company on the correct path, he led it to further growth and expansion. In the past couple of years, he’s been included in Forbes’ best CEO’s of Brazil and has been included in the list of 100 most influential Brazilians.

One of the greatest achievements during his presidency was projected in Bradesco Seguros, an insurance branch of the company. During his term, Bradesco Seguros grew to more than twice its size and made its mark in Brazil’s economy by amounting to 25% of it. To this day, Luiz Carlos Trabuco continues to work for the corporation holding many positions in different parts of Bradesco. Some of his roles include Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director, and Vice president.

Barbara Stokes bringing a comfy living as we reconstruct our cities

Barbara Stokes bringing a comfy living as we reconstruct our cities

Barbara stokes in association with her team have done a profound job in the field of Disaster Relief Construction in the company she started and founded called Green Structure Homes of Alabama, LLC. Barbara pursued a degree in Biomedical Engineering as well as Physics from the Mercer University. She graduated from the institution in the year 2001. She also pursued Management & Manufacturing, Technical Communication, Thermodynamics as well as Structures & Properties of Materials. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Crunchbase.

Before starting GSH, she has vast experience from Pisces Corporation as well as Boeing in the sector of pursuing and acquiring government contracts. She also leads the company in support of FEMA missions as well as those of the U.S. Government. Barbara Stokes is also an avid volunteer in community works and activities in Huntsville Community. She has three children.

Her company mainly deals with designing and constructing modular houses of various sizes. They aim to produce a temporary structure and design of the homes to satisfy the guidelines of the federal government pertaining accessibility of the area, the safety of the structures as well as the quality of the materials used in the construction of the houses. Considerations made in the houses should be comfy and unique with the inclusion of systems such as fire sprinklers or extinguishers. The homes should also be able to be assembled in a span of a few days.

GSH has its headquarters in Huntsville in Alabama being run by Barbara Stokes as its Chief Executive Officer and Scott Stokes, her husband, who is the Chief Operating Officer. The company hastily expanded its reach to a total of eight states to acquire a contract by FEMA to the tune of 28.5 million dollars.


The company takes its pride by having materials of high quality as well as unique construction techniques. The houses have actual kitchens as well as bathrooms as well as efficient optimal energy sources which assist the residents to recuperate from the disaster such as Hurricane Katrina as they rebuild their cities as well as communities. All of these considerations and factors are done with reasonable if not cheap expenditure. Visit her Linkedin profile to know more.

The Inventive And Accurate Thought Processes Of Whitney Wolfe Herd

Whitney Wolfe Herd has admitted being labeled as a feminist did not appeal to her in the past. The explosive way she left Tinder changed her mind. She decided being called a feminist was not an insult but an acknowledgement of who she was. Whitney Wolfe Herd is a woman who refuses to allow men to silence her. She has an exceptional drive towards success. She also possesses the desire to make the journey using her own merits. Once she parted from Tinder she was determined to place women in control in the online dating world.

This was what led to the Bumble app, a feminist app. The app allows either women or men to indicate an interest. The women have the power because they are the ones able to initiate a conversation. This has significantly reduced the amount of nude photographs and shady pick ups making online dating so difficult for straight women. There have been people who had doubts concerning what she was attempting. This has not affected her success. The executive team at Bumble is comprised almost entirely of women. The value of the business is estimated at over $1 billion. Whitney Wolfe Herd is trying to make online dating more responsive to the enjoyment, security and safety of women.

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When Whitney Wolfe Herd founded Bumble she considered everything from ghosting to unsolicited photos to shirtless selfies. She wanted to eliminate all three. She understands most women have experienced emotionally unhealthy relationships and bad dating experiences. She believes the main issue is the control is in the hands of the men. By ensuring the woman must make the first move she tipped the scale of power. Bumble has nearly no tolerance for any nastiness. One member was barred for referring to a member as a gold digging whore. Another for shaming women with a little extra weight. Bumble’s motto is bee nice.

The number one innovation of Bumble is the women become the hunters instead of the men. Instead of simply waiting around they go after what they want by making the first move. If the woman does not act within 24 hours the match vanishes. Whitney Wolfe Herd did a lot of reading regarding insecurity and rejection prior to creating Bumble. She learned when a person feels rejected or insecure they often become aggressive. Her solution was enabling the men to reach out but the women must initiate the conversation. This way when the woman responds the man feels flattered.


Highland Capital for Your Investment Management

Investing is a great way to make money over the course of many years. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to set up an investment fund and then see it grow and manage it over time. Many people do not have the time or skills necessary to get their investments managed in a good enough manner. This is why you need to think about choosing Highland Capital and finding them to help with all things capital management related. They work on hedge funds, structured investments and even distressed investments. The most important thing that comes with choosing Highland Capital is their experience, skill and honesty. Read more about Highland Capital at

Highland Capital has been in business for well over two decades. They have an asset value of 18.7 billion USD, which is far more than most other investment and capital management agencies. Plus, they work with lots of different people, which is exactly what you need when you’re looking to get the most out of this experience. Once you make the decision to utilize Highland Capital, it’s just a matter of finding a good investment and then having them do all of the management for you. There are lots of people using Highland Capital and finding it to be a wonderful company to choose for this purpose.

Because Highland Capital has many years of viable experience, it is no wonder that you’re going to need and want to use their services if you have hedge funds and other investment funds open. They will get to work right away to get your investments underway and managed in a way that you will find to be highly beneficial. There are tons of different people making the decision to choose Highland Capital and are finding it to be a great option for any and all of your needs. Visit to know more.

There are tons of reasons for you to make use of this amazing company, and the most important thing to remember is that Highland Capital is there to help in any way that they can. There are tons of different people out there who are choosing this as a viable option and know that it’s going to help with any and all of the investments that you need to do. Before you go out and hire a different company, you’re going to want to consider Highland Capital and know that this is an option that is essential for each and every one of your needs when it comes time to organize financial issues and investments that you have made in the past. Now is the time for you to give Highland Capital a call or email them to see if they can help with the situation you are dealing with right now.


The Mighty Fortress Church and Mighty Fortress Ministries

As immigrants from Europe traveled to Minnesota, they brought with them religion and a need for churches. The churches they built were not just beautiful, but they were examples of the various architectures found across Europe.

One good example is the Calvary Baptist Church on historic Blaisdell Avenue in Minneapolis. It was designed in the 1800s by a renowned church architect named Warren Hayes. Built in the manner of Romanesque architecture, its dark-brick facade and steeples and turrets make it resemble a European castle. The light coming through the arched stained-glass windows showcase the beautiful interior. Read more on

The Hopperstad Stave Church in Moorhead, Minnesota was built in 1998 but replicates the historic Stave church of Vik, Norway, right down to the amazingly detailed hand-carved interior. It is located in a beautiful pastoral area on the banks of the Red River

The Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church in beautiful Loring Park in Minneapolis was built in 1916 with a distinctive architecture based on the Ely Cathedral in England.

Also in Minneapolis is the Mount Olivet Lutheran Church which hosts the world’s largest Lutheran assembly. It was built in 1923 in the style of English Gothic Revival.

Joining in the family of churches is Mighty Fortress Ministries with the Mighty Fortress Church. The church offers old-style worship with messages appropriate to modern times. They present a feeling of welcome belonging in a casual, come-as-you-are atmosphere.



Senior Pastor Bishop Thomas R. Williams is an inspirational speaker for modern times with over 30 years in the ministry. Bishop Williams emphasizes using bible wisdom to solve modern problems caused by disease, moral decay, racism, and rebellion against God and man. He teaches that by applying biblical law to everyday living his followers can be empowered to lead victorious lives.

Bishop Williams acts as a mediator, using biblical principles to resolve disputes and unite his congregation. He declares that: “Once the world views the Church of the living God as one entity, they will be persuaded to follow Christ.” Hear the weekly messages on Riverview Baptist.

Changing Lives with Organo Gold

The main focus of Organo Gold is to help people transform their lives. If you have an entrepreneurial background and a strong will to succeed then you can do well in a career with Organo Gold. Many people have heard about the brand but few know what it is or what the benefits are. Lisa, a young woman from Maryland, recently tried it out after four months of consideration and she loved it. A friend gave her the recommendation one day while they were at the gym. Lisa had been having some headaches in the morning and needed something to help keep her motivated and going to the gym. Her friend gave her some of Organo Gold’s green tea and Lisa loved it. So, Lisa did some research on her own and four months later her headaches are gone and she feels revitalized and renewed every time she goes to the gym! Visit to know more about Organo Gold.

The active ingredient in Organo Gold’s green tea is ganoderma lucidum, an ancient Asian mushroom. The mushroom is the subject of lore and legend. It contains antioxidants that eliminate toxins from the body and activate your metabolism to assist with losing weight. When someone wants a healthier coffee or a more effective tea, they reach for ganoderma lucidum. Doctors have given the tea and coffee to their patients as gifts and it has become a regular part of many diets. The benefits simply cannot be overlooked. When you drink Organo Gold premium black coffee in the morning (for anyone who wants something a little stronger than green tea in the mornings) it helps start your day off with a kick.


Organo Gold is a global company what offers products and services designed to change lives. The goal of the company is to make life better one person at a time. It is a simple task considering many people want to become healthier and achieve financial freedom. For those who would like to become Organo Gold representatives and independent distributors there are excellent starter and training programs to help contribute to your financial success. Once you start to reap the benefits Organo Gold has to offer you will fall in love. The products are affordable and easy to make. It’s really as simple as preparing coffee in your kitchen. Exclusive Organo Gold drinkers are common and the company appreciates all supporters and fans. Start drinking Organo Gold and start winning in life today. Read more at about Organo Gold.