The George Soros Gold Rush of 2016

Lighting doesn’t strike twice on the same target as the famous adage opines. However, this statement holds no water in the world of financial management. Any mistake can lead to catastrophic outcomes.

Investors and wealth managers alike have to keep themselves informed on current affairs. They also have to utilize a range of economic forecasting tools to speculate on the future. Such strategies assist in decision making so as to take advantage of future investment opportunities, potential profits or even avoid massive losses altogether.

George Soros, the godfather of investment banking, has done all the above in a career span of five decades. He started out from the bottom and built his portfolio today represented by the Soros Management Fund. Mr. George Soros worked tirelessly and made smart investments to establish his $26 billion empires. It’s only right that he takes all measures to protect it especially in the unpredictable and volatile economic climate of modern times.

All smart economists know the value of Gold and other precious metals. They have become the best store of value for the ever fluctuating currency. A recent article on reveals that Soros had his value of U.S stocks by more than a third and invested in Gold coin and bullion. The move comes after Soros’ warning of an impending financial downturn fueled by the unavoidable hard landing of the Chinese economy. George Soros has been the top whistleblower on the possibility of the debt-ridden Chinese economy holding the entire world at ransom this year.

The professional views expressed by George Soros have always been taken with utmost seriousness. His move and that of other investors have influenced the surge in demand for Gold by a margin of 16%. Since Gold prices remain constant, it seems a wise investment to cushion investors from loss especially considering the effects of the 2007/08 crisis are still felt in the financial industry today.

Soros, an alumni of the revered London School of Economics, ranks 23rd among the wealthiest billionaires in the world. Even at the advanced age of 85 years, George Soros has maintained his charisma and charm. He exhibited high energy and mobility as he travels across the globe making speeches in global economic and social forums. He has become popular for his fearless critic of social and political issues. Like a real scholar, he has published a book on the tragedy befalling the European Union and shaking it to the core.

George has authored about fourteen books, mostly on economic and political issues. He is a great thinker and the founder and leader of the Open Society Foundations. Read more on

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