Charles Koch Lends Support to Criminal Justice Reform

Charles Koch is an interesting figure in the political landscape. Koch’s name is known to many people for his support of free market capitalism and other conservative-libertarian policies. When an interview with one of Koch’s spokesmen was reprinted by Newsweek, some have suggested that Koch may very well be a “closet liberal”. Koch does have liberal leanings towards certain policies. One area of interest to Koch is the left-leaning cause of criminal justice reform.

Proponents of criminal justice reform such as the ACLU note that many people are serving serious prison terms despite having committed nonviolent crimes. Other organizations have noted the huge cost on taxpayers for keeping people who really are not a violent threat to anyone in prison for long stretches. There are many different ways in which serious work on criminal justice reform can be enacted. Right now, those with a high profile are trying to raise awareness about the cause. Charles Koch is one such person.

Charles Koch generally does not speak to the media. He invests an enormous amount of time running Koch Industries, a multi-billion dollar entity that is engaged in many different sectors of the economy. Koch inherited the company from his father and has managed it quite well.

Koch also invests a great deal of his personal fortune on charitable and political causes. Criminal justice reform seems to be a cause he has a great deal of interest in promoting.

Recently, Koch has increased his media appearances and discussed the 2016 GOP primary and also offered advice for budding entrepreneurs. Perhaps he will soon start speaking more and more about criminal justice reforms and other liberal-leaning causes soon.

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