Finance Expert, Trader and Serial Entrepreneur Brad Reifler

Forefront Income Trust CEO Brad Reifler is an entrepreneur and financial guru. Brad was born and raised in America. He attended Bowdoin College to pursue a degree in Economics and political science. Over the years, Brad was CEO and founder of many companies. Therefore, it’s no surprise that with over 30 years’ experience in the financial world, and Reifler is among the best in the business.

After graduating from Bowdoin in 1982 as Wikipedia shows, Mr. Reifler started his first company Reifler Trading Company. Reifler trading company specialized in global derivatives and execution and the company was so impressive that it was later acquired by Refco in 2000.Brad was also a trader at Refco. While at Refco his fields of expertise included sales and execution of global derivatives, creating custom investment programs for clients and foreign exchange.

After selling Reifler Trading Company, Brad went on to start another company; Pali capital, global financial services firm. PaIi Capital was the highlight of his career in finance. The company flourished with him as both Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. He made over $700 million worth of profits in his 13-year tenure as CEO and was able to expand the company to Australia and the UK .Mr. Reifler also served as senior managing director at Pali Capital Inc.

Brad continued to excel in finance by Co-founding Forefront Management Group and its subsidiaries like Forefront Income Trust in 2009.He has been the CEO of forefront ever since. Brad also serves as an advisor at Forefront Group which specializes in providing expert advice to forex and commodity traders. Brad emphasizes that everyone can join the investment world by just putting away a little money for their future .Mr. Reifler continues to support investment in the community by helping them attain financial freedom in every possible way with his freely given tips.

Mr. Reifler also serves as a director of ITG market research and is a director at Symmetry Property Development LLC and serves on multiple boards and advisory committees like Foresight Research Solution among others.  Brad can be found on Twitter where he offers even more information.

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