San Diego Entrepreneur Brian Bonar Is Honored Once Again For His Leadership Abilities

Not every executive follows the same course to the top of their profession. Some executive work for the same company for years and they are promoted to the top.

Other executives jump from one job opportunity to another until they find the right fit. San Diego entrepreneur and restaurateur, Brian Bonar, decided he was going to the top after working for IBM. Brian Bonar had all the right credentials.

He had a Ph.D. in engineering; a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering and enough experience to start his own company. So Bonar founded Bezier Systems when he left IBM. He used his engineering background to start Bezier Systems, but he discovered something he didn’t know when he went into business.

He realized he needed a human resource outsourcing company to handle the day-to-day needs of a company his size, but there weren’t any companies that could work with companies like his. He decided to get into the outsourcing of human resources for small and medium size companies.

Brian Bonar eventually became the Chairman and CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation. Dalrada Financial Corporation filled the void that Bonar discovered at Bezier Systems.

Brian Bonar has helped small and medium size companies with their human resource needs for more than 30 years. The Cambridge Who’s Who Executive Committee recently named him one of their Executives of the Year in the finance industry.

Two males and two females are nominated every year in the finance industry for the Cambridge Who’s Who Award. The Cambridge Award is given to four people in several sectors of business.

Brian Bonar deserves the nomination because he is not only the Chairman of Dalrada Financial Corporation, but he is also the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Trucept Inc. and Smart-Tek Automated Services. Trucept develops tax packages and payroll programs as well as other general human resource programs for companies that need to enhance their business efficiency.

The Cambridge Who’s Who Executive Committee nominates people that show exceptional leadership abilities, academic excellence, and professional achievements. Bonar is a great example of a man with all of those qualities.

But it’s not just the academics, professionalism and leadership abilities that make Bonar a success. He gives back to the community of San Diego in several ways. Read more: Brian Bonar | Whitepages

Brian is active in several non-profits organizations in the San Diego area, and he is also developing a large parcel of land outside of the city limits, and he is turning that piece of property into a restaurant and small business development.

This new development will also include an up-to-date entertainment facility that will attract music lovers. All things considered, Brian Bonar is an executive that deserves all the honors he has received over the last 30 years.

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Try Wen by Chaz For Healthy & Beautiful Hair

Having thin hair is a problem that many of us struggle with. It’s something that really takes a toll on our self-esteem and basically our whole lives. Having thick and full hair is a sign of beauty and when someone has that characteristic, they feel better about themselves. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with that. Therefore, there are products out there that help. Not all products are created equally and although many claim that they help thin hair, not all do so. WEN by Chaz is one of those products that does exactly what it says it does.

A recent article in Bustle highlights the progress that one girl experienced with her hair. Prior to Wen, she had dull and lifeless hair. She felt discouraged and decided to give Wen a chance. She was pleasantly surprised! The user started off nervous because it seemed like a large amount of product to use. It ended up working wonders. She felt her hair get thicker as crazy as that sounds. She posted before and after pictures and you could definitely see a difference!

Many aren’t familiar with Wen by Chaz. It’s a hair care product line that helps strengthen a person’s hair. There are different kits so that a person can choose the one that’s right for them. These Sephora healthy hair kits come with a variety of products such as conditioner, styling creme, mousse, shampoo, and more. All of these products work together to help a person develop the healthiest hair out there.

The Wen by Chaz products has numerous benefits for a person’s hair. They help to strengthen damaged strands. They help to hydrate hair that’s been lacking nutrients due to constant coloring and heat damage. These products also provide a person with more control and manageability when it comes to styling.

Overall, Wen by Chaz has been helping people across the globe have hair they can be proud of. It’s all thanks to the natural blend of ingredients found in these products. Wen products are sold on Amazon.

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FreedomPop Gives Me The Best Services At Prices That Can’t Be Beat

I have three different services from FreedomPop, but the one I praise the most is the unlimited cell phone service. The biggest reason why I’m so happy about the cell phone service plan is because it costs so little but gives me so much. I never knew that $20 out of my pocket each month could give me unlimited phone service, but FreedomPop has proven that they are the company to give me such services. When I used to pay $80 each month for unlimited services, I thought I was getting a bargain, but looking back, I know better now.

I use my data a lot on my cell phone service, and that’s one of the things that worried me when I decided to make the switch to FreedomPop. I knew that I was going to need constant access to data but didn’t want to have to pay the higher prices that I was being charged by the previous company. I learned that I had 1 GB of 4G LTE data provided on the $20 unlimited plan, and I still get 3G speeds once my 4G LTE data is depleted. I easily surf the net throughout the day with the 3G speeds without any problems.

Another also use the GPS a lot because I deliver products for my business throughout the day, so being able to use the GPS is a bonus, whereas my previous company was charging me extra when I continuously used data through my GPS. I also have the Internet service for my home through FreedomPop, which has been great. I only pay for the Internet that I need to use, which isn’t much because I’m out of the home a lot. I literally pay around $10 a month for my Internet service from FreedomPop, which is amazing.

I also have Wi-Fi service within the home through FreedomPop, which helps if I need to use the Internet on a laptop or other mobile device. I’ve also joined the Wi-Fi unlimited service plan through FreedomPop as well, so I can access 4G LTE speeds whenever I’m out on the road and need higher speeds. I can’t go anywhere in my city without finding a FreedomPop Wi-Fi hotspot, so I never worry about getting connected. All the services that I have with FreedomPop are excellent and help me to save money, so I would never switch to another service provider.

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Kate Hudson Wears Her Patriotic Best This Independence Day

Three cheers for the red, white, and blue…bikini? Well, if you are Kate Hudson, that was certainly what you were chanting this past Fourth of July holiday, but if you missed your own opportunity to wear the bathing suit that Hudson promoted on the day, you can just be well prepared for next year by shopping through Fabletics. People Magazine covered the story that had the internet buzzing this past weekend, and supported their words with a sexy photo of Hudson that was punctuated with a pretty unique caption. Stars and stripes composed the elements of her bikini, but the practical purpose behind the sports-bra inspired top and chlorine-resistant bottoms were perfect for how the thirty-seven-year-old starlet spent her holiday: In the water and in the sun playing some games and eating her favorite cheat food, coconut fro-yo with some powerful chocolate elements.

Read more: Kate Hudson Celebrates America’s Birthday with Patriotic Beach Wear from Her Fabletics Line

Without a doubt, Hudson is a perfect role model for women, and her clothing line, Fabletics, further proves to women on a daily basis that exercise is not only for keeping fit, but for promoting a healthy mental image of oneself. Fabletics is a line full of trendy athletic and athleisure wear that works well for any situation. Of her favorite aspects the line has to offer, Hudson loves the athletic dresses that work well for hanging on the beach or even going out on the town. As her holiday picture proves, the actress is also an avid bathing suit lover–especially ones that hug her curves in all the right places and allow her to stay active during her favorite past times. As if Fabletics line needed any more reason to be praised, the prices are incredibly affordable. Of course, the quality of all the pieces is supreme as well. Check at this site:

In sum, celebrating the birth of this country is important. Doing so in style, though, is crucial to ensure that you receive the overall value of the holiday and all that the warm day has to offer. Whether you are playing volleyball at the cookout or surfing on the beach, you must invest in a bathing suit by Fabletics to guarantee the freedom of movement and, of course, to look your patriotic best.

Regional Financial Companies Are Gaining Strength

Nexbank, a very successful regional bank, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, serves their customers in 3 ways: commercial, mortgage and investment banking. This terribly successful bank will celebrate having had their banking charter for a century, in just 6 years time. A century says something very special about a company! Every business in this country has been exposed to rigorous forces of economic cycles, and perhaps even malaise, in the form of the Great Depression, for a company celebrating a 100-year birthday. In addition, they also had to weather the forces of a rising, and subsequently waning, protracted hegemonic state. Nexbank has been through it all.

NexBank Reports Strong Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2015 Results

Nexbank customers include large corporations, real estate investors, small and mid-sized businesses, as well as some smaller banks. They also service some of the largest institutional clients in the capital markets. With a chairman like James Dondero at the helm of this storied financial services conglomerate, they will surely be on their way to celebrating many more years in business. Equally as auspicious an indicator is the fact that they reported a return-on-equity (ROAE) that grew to 35% last year. They also had a huge bump in assets, at $2.72 billion, which was also a bump of nearly 50% from the year before.

Regional financial services companies have a following that is perhaps stronger simply because they are a regional outfit. Many people took great umbrage with the massive consolidation in banking, brokerage and insurance companies as a direct result of the passing of the Graham-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999. This repealed certain facets of the Glass-Steagall Act, which had precluded banks, brokerages and insurance companies from being in business together, under one umbrella. We saw Bank of America emerge from the ashes, and some of us like to refer to this bank simply as “bank of the solar system!”

Suddenly you were able to walk into a branch, make a deposit, buy an annuity, perhaps a few shares of stock, and get a mortgage. This was brand new territory for all financial companies, and all were racing to capitalize on this, and make get in on all the doors that were not flung open. The problem is that customers did not like the disconnectedness of the “mega banks,” so they would elect credit unions and regional concerns in droves. In any case, those are staggering numbers Nexbank is reporting, and this means they will likely remain a true contender in the financial services arena for quite some time as a result of that enormous growth.

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Dick DeVos Continues Family’s Legacy of Giving

In a continued tradition of giving, the DeVos family has contributed one million dollars to the now successful Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts fundraising campaign. Dick DeVos is now the head of the family and has a hand in where their dollars go, giving to important community endeavors and charitable works. This most recent contribution to the fundraising campaign, is just one more step in the family legacy of giving.

The Kennedy Center campaign has proven to be a huge success and hit its initial goal so fast that they decided to bump up their fundraising target. Another fifty million in donations is sought from businesses and philanthropic foundations that work within the community in order to support their expansion project and to fund programs that will benefit the community. The one million dollar contribution from the DeVos family will do a lot to being the performing arts to the community.

Dick DeVos is a man that has worked hard to build a reputation and legacy that will benefit others and that he can be proud of. Over the years DeVos has worked within so many industries and public arenas that it is difficult to sum up all of his skills and talents at once. Most notably, DeVos worked the the Orlando Magic, Amway, founded the Education Freedom Fund, ran for governor of the State of Michigan, and even started a high school. In all that he has done, DeVos has preached dedication, commitment to your goals, and the desire to better yourself by bettering your community.

The many roles that he has undertaken in life, business that he has helped develop, and communities he has worked in have put him in a great position to recognize where charitable donation would best make an impact. Through the foundation that the family has set up, DeVos can better manage the monetary end of the foundation in order to ensure that there will always be ways in which to contribute to causes. Already the foundation has made donations to dozens of education based charities all over the state of Michigan that will serve children and under served students. These causes are all causes that DeVos feels strongly about and where he feels his dollars can have the greatest impact to the future of the community.

Brian Bonar Earns Prestigious Executive Award For His Work In Finance

Brian Bonar is the Chief Executive Officer at Dalrada Financial and is a leading figure in the industry of finance. Of the course of his career, he’s achieved great success and built a strong background in executive experience at many different companies. Due to his technical background, Brian has a special talent for designing business structures that hold up and perform well in the real world.  Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Brian started off his academic background by attending the James Watt Technical College to earn his degree in technical engineering. Later on he went on to earn his Master’s from the University of Stafford in Mechanical Engineering. With his strong academic background and technical skills, Brian is able to combine multiple disciplines to create unique approaches to his professional work. However, his main area of focus is on mergers and acquisitions.

Bonar originally started working as a procurement manager at IBM, and within time he moved up to Director of Engineering. After Moving on to QMS, Brian was in charge of supervising a staff of more than 100 employees. During this time, he also went on to work for Adaptec as a sales manager for the company, which gave him the experience and confidence to start his own business, Bezier Systems, a manufacturer of printers.

Throughout his career, Brian has worked at several different companies, all adding to his knowledge and experience, which is what makes him such a great success at Dalrada Financial.

A worthy achievement for Brian Bonar was when he earned the Executive of the Year award from Cambridge’s, Who’s Who committee. It was during this time that he had been working as Dalrada Financial’s CEO and chairman for many years.

Earning this award from Cambridge is an honor because the award only goes out to 4 individuals each year, the top two male and female executives for the year from different professions. The Who’s Who committee at Cambridge is tasked with choosing the candidates base on their past accomplishments, academic background, and ability to lead.

Since the start of his career, Brian Bonar has amassed more than 30 years of experience working in the industry of finance and professional management, which is the major reason behind his long running position at Dalrada Financial. Brian is in charge of overseeing all aftermarket products for the company as well as hiring new staff and creating worker benefit plans.

The company itself act mostly as an intermediary for other marketing companies and provides their clients with many different programs designed for increasing the efficiency of a business. Learn more about Brian Bonar:

Today, Brian has achieved a Ph.D and is a standing member at the American Finance Association. On top of his current position at Dalrada, he is also the CEO of Smart-Tek and President of Allegiant Business. It’s clear Brian has the capacity to lead, and he will continue to be an industry name for time to come.

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Brian Bonar – Executive Bio, Compensation History, and Contacts
Brian Bonar Receives Professional Networking Community’s Highest Honor

The Life and Career of Sanjay Shah

Sanjay Shah is known as the founder for Solo Capital, which is the global boutique institution which is based out of England. The company that is believed to had been incorporated in September of 2011, and since then the institution has been headquartered in London, and has been regulated through the United
Kingdom. Since the company was founded by Shah, it has brought a lot of positive and significant changes. The company was started when Shah had left an accounting job thorough a bank located in North London. Before starting Solo Capital, he had worked in the financial industry for a few years, where he handled accounting
positions during this time, however, he did not enjoy the work he did within these institutions. After the financial crisis in 2008, which forced Shah to be retrenched by the banking institute that he worked for, he rented a small room on the London outskirts, soon this room would be transformed into an office. This is where it all started for the brokerage company of Solo Capital, that has grown into so much now.

In his early years, Shah had moved to the United Kingdom, when his parents had moved from Kenya with him being very young at the time. He attended school in London, because his parents were very well off, he had the opportunity to live in a prestigious neighborhoods in London. He had the opportunity that he could start whatever career that he choose, while at first he had settled for a career in medicine, he would quit after some years of trying this career field. He had never felt that him becoming a doctor had been his calling, and after he quit he never looked back. Currently, Shah is forty-three years old, with offices in Dubai and London, having earned enough money that he could consider himself retired.

Along with his work with Solo Capital, he has also founded the charitable organization Autism Rocks. Autism Rocks helps to raise awareness about autism, and it has been spread over many different parts of the world. Shah’s motivation to start Autism Rocks came after he found that his youngest son Nikhil had been diagnosed with Autism. Shah has said that has been sponsoring kids that live in India for the past 10 years through plan international, and he would send money every month, however he didn’t really consider what he could do for charity beyond that. With some free time on his hands after Shah found out the news about his son, that with his background in the medical field he is interested in finding out the causes of autism in order to help families with autistic children.


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Lauren Conrad Serves Up Her Unique Touch With Party Planning

Renowned fashion planner Lauren Conrad is taking her success in the party and entertainment universe with great anticipation. The much-heralded fashion designer, publisher and social media genius seek to conquer the party planning and entertaining crowd with her innovative, contemporary, and chic ideas.

Often considered the new millennium Martha Stewart, Conrad’s Paper Crown and LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s have taken the nation by storm. With her success in dressing women, she now moves her talents to bring spice and pizazz to the home! Lauren is a household name to millions via her social media status on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. With the introduction of “The Little Market”, her online presence for party planning and entertainment, and published book Celebrate, it won’t be long before a new legion of followers come to embrace her unique touch. Asked about her comparison to emulating Martha Stewart, Lauren commented, “Those are some big shoes to fill, and I really don’t see myself doing that.”

Lauren suggests that following her party-planning wisdom will make you a respected and envied party host. The secret to party-planning success is not to be concerned about having everything perfect. It’s okay to have something out of alignment or missing. Perfection is not the theme of the party or event, Conrad notes, “A successful party is about comfort and making people feel welcome.”

Having fun is the underlying theme for all parties. While decorations, table service and food, beverages and entertainment may be perfect, take into account your guests and how to include everyone having fun.

NYC-based Twenty Three Layers is the pre-eminent all inclusive event planning company that is the standard for unique and contemporary grandeur. From intimate, personal get-togethers​ to corporate gathering’s, Twenty Three Layers scrutiny to detail the customer desires will impress the doubter and skeptic.

Uniting the passion for fun, with inspiration, in a carefree environment, Twenty Three Layers present stellar, one of a kind gala events for every imaginable commemoration.

Find Twenty Three Layers in New York:


Doe Deere Make-up Phenomenon

One thing that most women love is makeup. Make up is one way that women feel well put together. Many people will not go outside of their homes without at least a little makeup on. It makes women feel unique and inspired. Doe Deere is a leading face in makeup artistry. She has created a line of makeup products that are like no other on the market and many people are starting to take notice. She uses the best bold shades in her line of beauty products and she is definitely not afraid to take color risks. Her line Lime Crime products are quickly becoming a well-known brand that are taking on a life of their own. In fact she was featured as one of the top inspiring female entrepreneurs by self made magazine, along Suze Orman and Ariana Huffington.
As a child she always wanted to play with bold colors. Makeup is fun for her so it does not feel like work.
She chose the name Lime Crime because she was opening a new Ebay store and needed to come up with a name quickly. She loved the color lime and decided to use it. She never thought that she would be sticking with that name; however eight years later it has become a complete brand. She calls the fans of Lime Crime unicorns because they are born different and they have to have boldness to wear the shades that are produced by Lime Crime. Doe Deere hopes that her brand inspires people to actually have fun with color.
Lime Crime is completely done online. She says that there have always been haters online and she tends to ignore them. Many people have blogs and they can say anything that they would like without having any merit behind it. She chooses to focus on the people who enjoy Lime Crime and all that it has to offer. There are even more shades in the works and she is happy about the direction that the company is going in. She desires to be a role model for other entrepreneurs who are looking to have their own business.



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