Highland Capital for Your Investment Management

Investing is a great way to make money over the course of many years. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to set up an investment fund and then see it grow and manage it over time. Many people do not have the time or skills necessary to get their investments managed in a good enough manner. This is why you need to think about choosing Highland Capital and finding them to help with all things capital management related. They work on hedge funds, structured investments and even distressed investments. The most important thing that comes with choosing Highland Capital is their experience, skill and honesty. Read more about Highland Capital at prnewswire.com.

Highland Capital has been in business for well over two decades. They have an asset value of 18.7 billion USD, which is far more than most other investment and capital management agencies. Plus, they work with lots of different people, which is exactly what you need when you’re looking to get the most out of this experience. Once you make the decision to utilize Highland Capital, it’s just a matter of finding a good investment and then having them do all of the management for you. There are lots of people using Highland Capital and finding it to be a wonderful company to choose for this purpose.

Because Highland Capital has many years of viable experience, it is no wonder that you’re going to need and want to use their services if you have hedge funds and other investment funds open. They will get to work right away to get your investments underway and managed in a way that you will find to be highly beneficial. There are tons of different people making the decision to choose Highland Capital and are finding it to be a great option for any and all of your needs. Visit highlandcap.com to know more.

There are tons of reasons for you to make use of this amazing company, and the most important thing to remember is that Highland Capital is there to help in any way that they can. There are tons of different people out there who are choosing this as a viable option and know that it’s going to help with any and all of the investments that you need to do. Before you go out and hire a different company, you’re going to want to consider Highland Capital and know that this is an option that is essential for each and every one of your needs when it comes time to organize financial issues and investments that you have made in the past. Now is the time for you to give Highland Capital a call or email them to see if they can help with the situation you are dealing with right now.

Read: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2017-07-05/highland-is-said-to-buy-lazard-argentine-fund-eye-stock-boost

The Mighty Fortress Church and Mighty Fortress Ministries

As immigrants from Europe traveled to Minnesota, they brought with them religion and a need for churches. The churches they built were not just beautiful, but they were examples of the various architectures found across Europe.

One good example is the Calvary Baptist Church on historic Blaisdell Avenue in Minneapolis. It was designed in the 1800s by a renowned church architect named Warren Hayes. Built in the manner of Romanesque architecture, its dark-brick facade and steeples and turrets make it resemble a European castle. The light coming through the arched stained-glass windows showcase the beautiful interior. Read more on positivethefacts.com.

The Hopperstad Stave Church in Moorhead, Minnesota was built in 1998 but replicates the historic Stave church of Vik, Norway, right down to the amazingly detailed hand-carved interior. It is located in a beautiful pastoral area on the banks of the Red River

The Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church in beautiful Loring Park in Minneapolis was built in 1916 with a distinctive architecture based on the Ely Cathedral in England.

Also in Minneapolis is the Mount Olivet Lutheran Church which hosts the world’s largest Lutheran assembly. It was built in 1923 in the style of English Gothic Revival.

Joining in the family of churches is Mighty Fortress Ministries with the Mighty Fortress Church. The church offers old-style worship with messages appropriate to modern times. They present a feeling of welcome belonging in a casual, come-as-you-are atmosphere.

Visit: http://www.mightyfortress.us/


Senior Pastor Bishop Thomas R. Williams is an inspirational speaker for modern times with over 30 years in the ministry. Bishop Williams emphasizes using bible wisdom to solve modern problems caused by disease, moral decay, racism, and rebellion against God and man. He teaches that by applying biblical law to everyday living his followers can be empowered to lead victorious lives.

Bishop Williams acts as a mediator, using biblical principles to resolve disputes and unite his congregation. He declares that: “Once the world views the Church of the living God as one entity, they will be persuaded to follow Christ.” Hear the weekly messages on Riverview Baptist.

Changing Lives with Organo Gold

The main focus of Organo Gold is to help people transform their lives. If you have an entrepreneurial background and a strong will to succeed then you can do well in a career with Organo Gold. Many people have heard about the brand but few know what it is or what the benefits are. Lisa, a young woman from Maryland, recently tried it out after four months of consideration and she loved it. A friend gave her the recommendation one day while they were at the gym. Lisa had been having some headaches in the morning and needed something to help keep her motivated and going to the gym. Her friend gave her some of Organo Gold’s green tea and Lisa loved it. So, Lisa did some research on her own and four months later her headaches are gone and she feels revitalized and renewed every time she goes to the gym! Visit crunchbase.com to know more about Organo Gold.

The active ingredient in Organo Gold’s green tea is ganoderma lucidum, an ancient Asian mushroom. The mushroom is the subject of lore and legend. It contains antioxidants that eliminate toxins from the body and activate your metabolism to assist with losing weight. When someone wants a healthier coffee or a more effective tea, they reach for ganoderma lucidum. Doctors have given the tea and coffee to their patients as gifts and it has become a regular part of many diets. The benefits simply cannot be overlooked. When you drink Organo Gold premium black coffee in the morning (for anyone who wants something a little stronger than green tea in the mornings) it helps start your day off with a kick.

Read: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/organogold

Organo Gold is a global company what offers products and services designed to change lives. The goal of the company is to make life better one person at a time. It is a simple task considering many people want to become healthier and achieve financial freedom. For those who would like to become Organo Gold representatives and independent distributors there are excellent starter and training programs to help contribute to your financial success. Once you start to reap the benefits Organo Gold has to offer you will fall in love. The products are affordable and easy to make. It’s really as simple as preparing coffee in your kitchen. Exclusive Organo Gold drinkers are common and the company appreciates all supporters and fans. Start drinking Organo Gold and start winning in life today. Read more at patch.com about Organo Gold.

The Role of Sentient AI Technology In Improving E-Commerce Consumer Experience

The priority of most retailers who have an online presence is to provide the best ecommerce customer experience. To achieve this, they are constantly looking for the most convenient and effective way to communicate with customers. The Sentient AI technology remains one of the most cost-effective and convenient ways of enhancing communication with clients online. Here are some of the ways artificial intelligence AI has improved ecommerce customer experience .


According to experts at Sentient AI, artificial intelligence helps retailers to personalize their marketing messages. Using the method called clustering algorithm, retailers can retrieve and divide market data into small segments, depending on consumers’ purchasing habits, needs and previous relationships. This helps them to not only channel their marketing strategies to specific consumer segments, but it also points out similar traits of a certain group of consumers within a specific segment.

Greater Efficiency

Just like a computer can perform complex calculations faster than a human being, artificial intelligence can help process complex data faster than a normal person. By incorporating artificial intelligence in the business, communication will not only become faster but also more efficient. A perfect example is campaign optimization. Instead of a retailer checking the performance of the campaign manually or using old methods like A/B, he can use artificial intelligence to perform these functions faster.

In addition, AI allows marketers to keep track of the numbers of messages sent to customers. It ensures that there is no duplication of such messages and those customers only receive messages that are relevant to them.


It is impractical to send messages to hundreds or thousands of buyers as a person. You will most likely get tired and make many mistakes. However, with artificial intelligence, one can send huge volumes of information to many customers instantly.

Room for Human Touch

Artificial intelligence helps retailers to save time by performing certain tasks automatically. This allows them to invest more time in other productive areas.

It is difficult to provide services that can meet or exceed consumer expectations. Luckily, we have artificial intelligence. This technology is not only improves ecommerce costumer experience, but it also gives brands a chance to provide truly differentiated experiences. Companies such as Sentient AI have made it possible for businesses to use artificial intelligence to streamline their business operations and enhance customer experience. They are currently testing new tools that will increase the rate at which companies convert and recruit new customers.

How Sweet Almond Oil Can Transform Your Hair

It is so secret that oils provide many benefits to your hair. They can moisturize and restore many different types of hair. Sweet almond oil is especially useful. It has several key nutrients that can provide deep penetrating nourishment. This article will discuss why sweet almond oil is so powerful and how you can incorporate it into your daily hair care routine.

Sweet almond oil is rich in Vitamin E, fatty acids, amino acids and several minerals. The amino acids especially are the building blockS for hair. Sweet almond oil can repair severely damaged from heating styling, bleach and other factors. It makes an excellent hair mask.

Including sweet almond oil into your daily hair care routine is fairly easy. Applying it directly to your hair may be messy but you can consider a product that you can use everyday right in your shower.

WEN by Chaz offers an intensive hair treatment mask that can be used right in the shower. The Wen Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment is a hassle-free deep conditioner that uses he power of sweet almond oil. It can add body and shine. You hair will become softer that ever just after one use. A treatment can be done as frequently as you like. It also uses all natural shea butter for added moisture.

Wen products have several additional benefits. They are made without sulfates that strip your hair of natural oils. Instead, Wen uses a combination of extracts and herbal botanicals that cleanse and transform the hair after each use. Wen products can be used on all hair types, including African American. The products were created by a Los Angeles stylist by the name of Chaz Dean. Women from all over the world have been able to achieve the hair of their dreams with his products.

You can buy WEN products on Ebay.

The George Soros Gold Rush of 2016

Lighting doesn’t strike twice on the same target as the famous adage opines. However, this statement holds no water in the world of financial management. Any mistake can lead to catastrophic outcomes.

Investors and wealth managers alike have to keep themselves informed on current affairs. They also have to utilize a range of economic forecasting tools to speculate on the future. Such strategies assist in decision making so as to take advantage of future investment opportunities, potential profits or even avoid massive losses altogether.

George Soros, the godfather of investment banking, has done all the above in a career span of five decades. He started out from the bottom and built his portfolio today represented by the Soros Management Fund. Mr. George Soros worked tirelessly and made smart investments to establish his $26 billion empires. It’s only right that he takes all measures to protect it especially in the unpredictable and volatile economic climate of modern times.

All smart economists know the value of Gold and other precious metals. They have become the best store of value for the ever fluctuating currency. A recent article on http://www.forbes.com/profile/george-soros/ reveals that Soros had his value of U.S stocks by more than a third and invested in Gold coin and bullion. The move comes after Soros’ warning of an impending financial downturn fueled by the unavoidable hard landing of the Chinese economy. George Soros has been the top whistleblower on the possibility of the debt-ridden Chinese economy holding the entire world at ransom this year.

The professional views expressed by George Soros have always been taken with utmost seriousness. His move and that of other investors have influenced the surge in demand for Gold by a margin of 16%. Since Gold prices remain constant, it seems a wise investment to cushion investors from loss especially considering the effects of the 2007/08 crisis are still felt in the financial industry today.

Soros, an alumni of the revered London School of Economics, ranks 23rd among the wealthiest billionaires in the world. Even at the advanced age of 85 years, George Soros has maintained his charisma and charm. He exhibited high energy and mobility as he travels across the globe making speeches in global economic and social forums. He has become popular for his fearless critic of social and political issues. Like a real scholar, he has published a book on the tragedy befalling the European Union and shaking it to the core.

George has authored about fourteen books, mostly on economic and political issues. He is a great thinker and the founder and leader of the Open Society Foundations. Read more on http://www.nybooks.com/contributors/george-soros/

Skout Makes Its Travel Feature More Functional


Skout is trying to make sure that their app is going to be functional for people who are traveling. Traveling is a lot easier for people who are working with Skout, and it is going to be the best thing people have ever checked out when they are about to take a trip. PR Newswire is touting the new travel feature at Skout, and they are saying that the company is helping kids enjoy special events.

The travel functions on Skout are helpful for people who are making quick trips to different cities around the world, and the people who are found in Skout are going to offer great services to the traveler. Travelers can find places to stay, places to rent vehicles, places to eat and places to take tours. Every company or person that has a Skout profile can be found easily by users, and users will find special events like the superheroes day that was reported.

Parents who are traveling with kids need to find things that will be friendly for them. Kids are going to have a better time traveling if they can go to places that have events like the superheroes day, and it is important that all of these families can search the cities where they are traveling. The Skout app helps people make sure that they can find the things they need, and they can make plans with the Skout users in a flash.

The other advantage of Skout is that is asks people to find each other with pictures. Businesses will be able to put nice pictures on their profiles, and then they will be able to show the best version of their business for customers. Someone looking for a place to stay will see pictures of great guest rooms, and people who are looking for great food will see pictures of great food.

Superheroes day is also a way for communities like to celebrate the people who have had the best and most significant impact on the world around them. The superheroes day points to the way that Skout wants to engage with the community, and that is something that helps travelers. Anyone who wants to find diverse options for travel should be on the Skout app, and then they should make sure that they chat with the businesses they want to use. Every company that wants to reach new customers can try Skout right now.

Here’s the link to the full article: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/skout-celebrates-real-life-superheroes-on-national-superhero-day-april-28-300258178.html

Things That You Did not Know about Solo Capital and Sanjay Shah


Located in the well-known area of London, England, Solo Capital Marketers happens to be a fantastic company that works using boutique financial services that are known world-wide. This company also happens to be regulated within the location of the United Kingdom. The company Solo Capital Marketers, which has also in the past been called by Solo Capital UK and Solo Capital Limited, was first incorporated during the year of 2011 during the month of September.

Some of the specialties that this great company has are professional sports investments, consulting and also proprietary trading. Having the ability to offer so many great specialties is just one of the many great qualities that Solo Capital Marketers has to offer their clients. The end of the March month in the year of 2015 brought some great news to the doors of Solo Capital Marketers, during this time, they were able to reach a net worth that was £15.45 million, reach a cash flow that was £30.26 million and they were also able to reach a total amount of assets that equaled out to £67.45 million.

The company that currently holds control of Solo Capital Partners is the Solo Group Holdings company, and this company happens to be controlled mostly by Sanjay Shah who is the CEO and also the founder of the company. Along with being the founder of that great company, Sanjay is also the current owner for the company that is known as Aesa S.a.r.l.. This company is the company that has control over the Solo Group Holdings company. Other than operating all these companies, Sanjay Shah also happens to own companies amounting to over the amount 3 dozen, which all span across the areas of The British Virgin Islands, London, Malta, Dubai, The Cayman Islands and also Luxembourg.

Before he was able to incorporate the Solo Capital company, Sanjay Shah was able to make £19 million for the end of the 2011 year. During the year of 2014, Sanjay was able to take control over the company known to the world as Old Park Lane Capital. The Old Park Lane Capital company was a type of institutional and also invitation specific stockbroker that had a main focus that was put on the use of natural resources. As of the month of January of the year of 2016, Sanjay had a net worth that was at the number of US$280 million and actually thinks of himself as a retired individual.

Securus Challenges Global Tel Link (GTL) to Let an Independent Judge Decide

Securus Technologies has challenged its main competitor, Global Tel Link (GTL) to let an independent technology judge evaluate the product set, technologies and customer service of both companies and decide which one offers the better deal to consumers.

Securus provides a platform for secure phone calls serving prisoners and their families. Advance Connect is their prepaid service for families of prisoners. Direct Bill allows families to receive inmate phone calls from prisoners and have cost added to their monthly bill. Traditional Bill enables families to receive collect calls and have cost added to their monthly bill. Inmate Debit is a prepaid service for prisoners to pay the cost. Jail Voicemail enables leaving messages.

Securus also provides video services. With At-Home Visitation families can have a web cam link to the prisoner. Onsite Video Visitation allows the families to schedule their visit in advance. All you have to do is register your software with Securus and connect it to the free video app you can find on Google Play or the App Store.

With Securus’s Secure Instant Mail families and prisoners can communicate via email.

Even so, Securus claims the comparison between it and GTL would not be fair, because Securus has invested $670 million into Securus over the last three years in buying other companies, technological development and setting up customer service in the United States and developing products. GTL has not spent nearly that much.

According to Chief Executive Officer Richard Smith, GTL used litigation to try to say their technology and customer service are superior to Securus. Therefore, he believes a judge without any stake in the outcome could make an independent, disinterested decision, and it would be in favor of Securus. Reasons for that include:

Securus owns a domestic customer service call center using their own employees. GTL outsources customer service to Mexico.

Securus has its own, trained field employees. GTL outsources.

Securus uses a VOIP call platform, the largest for jails. GTL uses older, premise-based technology.

Former GTL customers who have switched to Securus say they get better technology, prices and customer service from Securus. Some Securus customers switch to GTL, but the rate is nearly 3 to 1 in Securus’s favor.

Securus also offers such services as: tablet apps for inmates, JobView for inmate jobs and the tracking by satellite of parolees.

Securus has its headquarters in Dallas Texas which you can learn more about on their BBB page. It provides its services to over 3,450 jails and police stations and over 1,200,000 inmates. 

At the end of 2015, John Bell joined Secarus. He is now the Senior Vice President of Sales, in charge of Securus’s 100 salespeople, including sales associates.

Learn more about Securus by visiting the following link >> http://www.securustechnologies.com/en/about-us

Career Development of Coriant’s Current CEO Shaygan Kheradpir

Coriant originated from the Transmission Technology department of Siemens that is situated in Munich Germany. The company in 2013 was announced independent from Nokia Siemens Networks, owned and controlled by the Merlin Equity Partners.

The company, Coriant, was formed following the merge between Nokia Siemens Optical Networks, Tellabs and Sycamore Networks which are the main technology suppliers. There also stands a plan by the Marlin Equity to merge Coriant and Tellabs to operate as Coriant after they acquired Tellabs later on in 2013.

Currently, Coriant offers good deals selling hardware and software for optical transmission that supports data, voice and mobile networks immensely. Coriant has come in strongly to assist its clients in getting into profit margins. This is following their great guidance in resource utilization so as to maximize end-user revenue.

Shaygan Kheradpir who stands out as a business and technology executive, currently heads Coriant as the CEO. Being in the technology and financial industries for over 28 years, Shaygan has gained much experience and has also led to the development of various products.

He was born in London, grew up in Iran and later on moved to the United States for his education. Shaygan attended Cornell University and it is here where he got bachelors, masters and doctoral degree in electrical engineering. This saw him off to his first job at GTE laboratories back in the year 1987. Greatly managing and controlling network routing at GTE, he was named the Chief Executive Officer.

Following the merge between GTE and Verizon to form Verizon’s e-business division, Shaygan served as the president and later on became the CIO at the company. Under his leadership, telecommunication services were improved and operations greatly automated. Shaygan later joined Barclays where he served as the Chief Operating Officer. He worked for product development and this led to his promotion to now serve as the Chief Operations and Technology Officer.

Prior to joining Coriant, Shaygan joined Juniper Networks in 2014. He was named the Chief Executive Officer where he developed an Integrated Operating Plan that helped to curb the pressure from the Elliot’s activist investors.

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